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Staying Vibrant when Things Get CRAZY Busy

Hey girl,

I get it. You’ve got 9,000,000 things on that hot pink to-do list (or is the pink thing just me?) and you’ve yet to cross off the first 3. Yikes! Health is probably the last thing on that list, because YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO DO.

But here’s why it should be the first.

When you’re taken care of, when you honour YOU, and when you help yourself FIRST, you are playing your game at one hundred awesome, percent.

Think of that: You are actually wasting time if you DON’T put yourself first.

Let’s say each task you need to get done takes 60 minutes. And let’s say you’ve got 8 fabulous to-do’s, and of course, they all need to get done today. Let’s just say that.

If you’re running at 100%, feeling awesome, taking refresh breaks, putting yourself first, and taking those supplements that really do help you out, you finish the actual task work in about 8 hours (or 7.5 hours because you’re a determined capricorn and DAMN if you’re not going to WIN 🙂 ). You come out proud of yourself, feeling like it was all in a GREAT day’s work, and you even write your awesomely-prepared Self a to-do list for tomorrow to save yourself time and panic in the morning. Wow. Look at you GO.

Now, if you’re running at 80%, or even 60% of your potential because you’re skipping meals to get sh*t done, and you’re working through force over inspiration, here’s what you’re doing to your bod: STRESS.

Your body, unlike that beautiful mind of yours, doesn’t know what’s going on. So if you’re skipping meals, it’s thinking FAMINE. It’s thinking NO FOOD ANYWHERE. DROUGHT maybe. Your brain is crashing like a tank because it’s not being fuelled (that’s food guys; that fuels your brain, it’s food <3 ), so you’re not focused, and you’re slowly, or quickly, burning yourself out, hard-core.

And what I’ve found is, it doesn’t matter HOW MUCH YOU LOVE what it is that you’re doing. If you’re burnt out, every single thing feels like a mountain you won’t be able to climb.

And those 8, 60 minute tasks?

If you’re running at 80%, they’ve turned into 72 minute tasks – each. Which is over 9 1/2 hours.

And at 60%, they’ve turned into 84 minute tasks each. Which will take you over 11 hours to get through.

And the worst part is, when you finally do complete them, you’re so hungry and bothered that you’re moody, frustrated, wondering where the sparkle inside YOU has gone, and starting to feel like you’re losing it, like you’re slipping and like, if it’s been happening for long enough, it might be time to throw in the towel on your dreams completely.

So how can you run at 100%?

One of my favourite mantras during busy times is, ‘you can have it all, but you can’t do it all.’ so lovingly and eloquently put by Michelle Pfeiffer.

So, when things get crazy busy, and I need to stay on my A-game, here’s how I live by that quote.

What I wish most for you, is that through using some of my tips, or being inspired by them to implement something totally different of your own, that you start to get yourself back, running at your best, and vibrantly getting things done, pouring all of yourself into each thing, while still leaving time afterwards for fun, play and luxury.

1. Find a Juice Bar

Seriously, Google it. Are there ANY near you? Are there any health-based restaurants near you that make juices or smoothies? Go. Treat yourself. Make a powerful, health-based date with yourself and honour the fact that you’re a totally amazing person, who’s going to fuel her body and mind with totally amazing nutrients. Yep, they’re probably pricey, but a) how much more will you get done for your business, for your company, for yourself, if you’re fuelled up well (and how much is that worth), and b) how much are YOU and YOUR health worth? MUCH more than a McMeal, I can promise you that.

If I’m going to be busy all day, I’ll buy 2 or 3 smoothies that are LOADED with awesome things (coconut milk; the amazingly fatty kind, raw oats, bananas, raw chocolate, amazonian superfoods…) and go from one to the next, while completing my tasks. The best part is you can take a five minute mindful break and sip on your smoothie, truly savouring the flavours, or you can drink it on-the-go and keep yourself fuelled while working.

2. Meditate

It is nothing short of extraordinary what meditation can do for you. But in terms of productivity, it’s like this. You are training your brain to either stop thinking, or to think on one specific thing (or mantra) for a given period of time.

Now think back to what you have been like when 9 hundred thousand thoughts have been swirling all around that crazy (beautiful) brain of yours. Yikes!

Now think back to one mantra, let’s say: Calm. Just sitting, for 5 minutes, and repeating and feeling that. Then, once calm, you come back to your desk, or wherever your next task must be done, and you can think firmly on its focus. When you start training your brain to focus on one thing at a time, you’re not easily distracted anymore by the loads of different things you *could* be doing, or the things that *may* pull your attention; you’re able to start, and finish, with focus and powerful intention.

And I’m not talking a 45 minute wild-fest meditation! I love those deeper meditations about once a week. But when taking breaks to refresh, being present, away from technology and focused on one word, goal or your breath, can help you feel back to you in 3, 4 or 5 minutes.

3. Take Your Supplements

I cannot stress this enough. If you don’t have a supplement plan and you’re busy, have somebody incredibly knowledgeable create one for you. I have this available as part of my Say YES to Your Dreams! Coaching packages, because I know how powerful the right supplements can be at keeping you on top of your game.

Picture it like this: every stress, every skipped meal, every missing snack, every moment (or hour) of anger, every exhaust fume, every chemical, additive, preservative, etc. is doing something in your body.

To offset that with food would take loads of understanding, lots of time, focus on what things were going on with you, and an in-depth knowledge of exactly how to help your body rid itself of that damage (or potential damage), plus gearing each meal towards those goals, using the best ingredients every. Single. Day. Ever.

But when you have high-quality, and read that again, high-quality and targeted-at-your-goals supplements, you can save yourself lots of time, because they do the body-work for you. Which is a huge relief, and amazing. You can get in touch with me here if you’d like to Say ‘YES!’ to the wild things in your heart, through getting wildly, conveniently healthy with me.

“You CAN have it all, but you can’t do it all.” – Michelle Pfeiffer

Go get that life you want, girl, through the health that can be yours. Let’s do it.

With mega-love for you and your journey,


Holistic Nutritionist + Founder of Glow Nutritional Consulting


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